Atta Hussain Musavi, Haji Syed

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Atta Hussain Musavi,Haji Syed:


Born October 1898, at Rohri, Sind, graduated in 1921, from Bombay University, obtained B.T. degree 1923 from Bombay University and M.A. from Aligrah University, ancestors came from Neshapur and settled at Sukkur, Father, Syed Wadhil Shah, was an educationalist, joined Government Service in 1921 as Assistant Master, Promoted to class II Service in 1927 and class I Service in 1947, appointed Deputy Director, Sind Education Department after Independence, retired as Education Inspector in 1953, has two sons, Syed Shafiqut Hussain, B.A. LL.B., formerly Parliamentary Secretary to Chief Minister of Sind and Syed Imdad Hussain.

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