Khair Shah Syed:

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Khair Shah Syed:


 Born 1905 at Nawabshah, is well versed in Sindhi, Persian Urdu, Baluchi and Pashto, belongs to well-know Chisti Syed family of Sind, ancestors came from Iran to Chisiti Sharif (Afghanistan) and migrated to a place at Baluchistan known as kirani during the reign of Ahmed Shah, Abdali, Present village is named after father, Haji Imam Shah Shah, who was Bench Magistrate and Member, District Local Board, Syed Khair Shah, was elected Member, Sind Legislative Assembly, 1937 formed a group in Assembly and defeated Sir Ghulam Hussain Hidayatullah organized Muslim League in Nawabshah after Karachi Convention and became its first President, was Member, Action Committee Masjid Manzilgah, Sukkur is Member District Local Board, since 1926, was appointed presiding Officer, Muslim League in 1950, elected Member, Sind Legislative Assembly in 1953 on Muslim League Ticket, was Member, All Pakistan Muslim League Council and Senior Vice-President, Sind Provincial Muslim League, has donated Rs. 10,000 to Azad Kashmir Movement, brothers Haji Karam Shah and Haji Ghulam Shah are Members of District Local Board, married and has four sons, elder, Nazar Hussain Shah, is Member, Municipal Committee, Member, District Local Board and was Vice-President, District Muslim League.

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