Madad Ali Shah:

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Madad Ali Shah, M, Sayed:


Born 17, March 1898, at Halani (Sind) claims descent from sayeds of Halani, ancestor, Sayed Ali Makki came as the Head of Army from Arabia, settled al Lak Ari, since then his family is called “Lakyari” father, Miran Shah after receiving early education at this native place and after obtaining of Moulvi at Shahdadkot (District Larkana, Sind), at the young age of 12, went to Rampur (India) and studied Arabia and Persian for 18 years, was known as Ahmashah Irani, on return, performed Haj (Akbari), was respected as a great scholar, ancestors acted as tutors to Pir Muhammad Rashid Shah, founder of the dynasty of Rashdis, maternal great-grandfather, Sayed Mohammad Akil Shah, was a renowned Persian and Arbic Scholar in the whole of Sind and the Punjab and Grand Mufti of the Province, he has translated many important books in the Persian language, people from far and wide used to come to discuses with him the religious, social and other problems, another ancestor, Sayed Fateh Ali Shah, was the first Wazir of Khairpur State, family is in possession of Sands of the days of Akber the Great, Sayed Madad Ali Shah has a brother, Ghulam Muhammad Shah, who served in the police Department for 30 years, has one son, Miran Shah, Sayed Madad Ali Shah Joined the Government Service in 1997, took Military training, retired as collector and District Magistrate, Dadu on 17th March 1953, is Proficient in Sindhi, Urdu, Persian Arabic and English, is Justice of the Peace

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