Muhammad Akil Shah Syed

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Muhammad Akil Shah Syed:


Born in 1903 at Halani, belongs to a well-know Syed family know as Lakiyari ancestors came with Muhammad bin Qasim and settled at Halani one of his ancestors Syed Muhammad Akil Shah, was an eminent scholar, grandfather, Syed Fateh Ali Shah, was first Wazir Khairpur state during the reign of H.H. Sir Mir Ali Murad Khan Talpur father Syed Ghulam Hussain Shah, was Darbari uncle Syed Shahabud-Din shah, was also Darbari and acted as Naib Wazir, Khairpur state, syed Akil Shah, succeeded his father in 1929 and became Head of the family has received several letters of commendation and Forenames, also received sand from the Governor of Born bay was president, Halani Muslim League Member District Board 1929-51 chairman Sanitary Committee Halani and J.P has one son, Syed Ghulam Hussain Shah alias Syed Manzur Hussain Shah, born in October 1933, matriculated in 1950, passed Drawing Expatiators Bombay University Syed Muhammad AKil shah has one younger brother, Syed Fateh Ali Shah II,his eldest son, Syed Fateh Ali Shah is Sub-Inspector of Police Second son, Sultan Ali shah, is a student of S.M. College, Karachi and joint Secretary of Sindhi Society third son Sikander Ali shah, ia a student of a local School fourth son, Syed Ashfaq Ali shah is a student.

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