AllahBux Soomro:

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AllahBux Soomro:

Son ofMuhammad Umar, born in Shikarpur in 1900.Due to death of his father leftHopeful Accademy,Shikarpur after doing Matric.His father was Govt. Contractorand he also opted for that profession.In 1923 he was elected as a member of the Jacobabad Municipality and later on member of the District Local BoardSukker.In 1926 by defeating K.B.Jan Muhammad Pathan of Sultankot he becamemember of the Mombai Council.He was elected President of the District Local Board Sukkur in 1928.He remained the member of the Mombai Legislative Council till 1936 and in the same year joined Sindh United Party formed by Sir Bhuttoand he was returned to the Sindh Legislative Assembly in election.He waselected Leader of the opposition. The following year the first Ghulam HussainMinistry was defeated he formed Government with the help of the Congress Party.His Ministry continued to function for the next year,but was defeated onthe Agricultural Bill.Thereupon Muslim League was formed under Mir bundeh alithat continued for about 8 months,during which time Moulana Abdul Kalam Azadvisited Sindh to attempt to form an All-Parties Government so as to curblawlessness in Sindh.Under the Azad Pact,Allah Bux joined the Mir Ministry as Finance Minister. From 1941,when Ministry fell,he again joined a spell of powers Premier.In 1942 on the call of the Congress he renounced his titles of O.B.Eand Khan Bhadur with the result he was dismissed and this act of dismissal wasraised in the House of Commons on October 15,1942.He was given tough time asthe Premier by the Muslim League on the issue of  the Masjid Manzilgah.He was assassinated on14.05.1943.

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