Ardeshir H. Mama, K.B:

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Ardeshir H. Mama, K.B:

He was a very popular figure of Sindh. People earn money to store it, hut Khan Bahadur Mama earned money to use it for the good of the Public. He was a great Philanthropist and had given large sums in charity chief among which are, Rs. 300,000/-to the Mania Parsi Girls’ High School, Rs. 100,000/- towards Sundry charities, Rs. 75,000/-Mama Home for Poor Parsi families, Rs. 25,000/- Mama Hall in Fire Temple at Sadar, RS. 25,000 Fire Temple at Sukkur, Rs. 20,000/- for Parsi Hall at Mahableshwar, Rs. 16,000/-for Mama Bath Mangho pir, Rs. 15,000/- for Y. W. C. A. Building, Rs. 100,000′- to Lady Dufferin Hospital, Karachi. There is not an institution in Karachi where the helping hand of Khan Bahadur Mama had not reached, be it a Civil Hospital, Dutferin Hospital or any laudable cause. Klian Bahadur was not only a gentleman known for his charity, but a personality famous for his fine record of service rendered to the institutions where he had been the President, Chairman and a member. As a Special Honorary Magistrate for Sadar over 17 years Khan Bahadur did Justice to his Job. He was a member of Karachi Municipality for more than 21 years and had the honor of being the Mayor of Karachi and the First Citizen of our (pit. As a Municipal Corporator, he worked as the Chairman of School Board, Stores Committee, Garden Committee, Road Committee, many more Committees of the Karachi Municipal Corporation. Khan Bahadur was elected as one of the 12 leaders of Sind of the Daily Gazette Contest. Khan Bahadur worked as President, Karachi Parsi Institute, President, the Mama Parsi Girls School, Vice-President, Bai Virbaiji Soparivalla Parsi Boys’ High School, Chairman, Parsi Co-operative Housing Society, Chairman, Young Men’s Zoroastrian Association, Chairman, District Local Board, Honorary Treasurer, the Sindh Flood Relief Fund, Honorary Treasurer, Harchandrai Memorial Fund, Honorary Treasurer Silver Jubilee Fund, Honorary Treasurer, the Prince of Wales Welcome Fund.

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