Begum Sharfunnirsa Shahban:

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Begum Sharfunnirsa Shahban:

Wife of Khan Bahadur Mian G. K. M. Shahban, M.L.A., (Central) was an outstanding social Muslim lady worker of Sindh.She was the first Muslim lady from Sindh to the Kaiser-i-Hind medal, to be appointed a Justice of peace a Member of the Civil Hospital and Nursing Association Committee, Karachi, a Lady visitor to the Karachi Prison, a Member of the Investigating Committee (Juvenile Prisoners) and an Honorary Magistrate since 1936. She was an elected member of Countess of Dufferin Fund. She was the first lady from Sindh to preside at the All Sind Women’s Conference in 1929 and the only Sindhi lady who had the unique honour of presiding over the convocation of the Tibbia College, Delhi, 1938.She was Member of the Managing Committee, Muslim Ladies’ Association, Member, Executive Committee of the Ladies’ of the Empire Association and of the Muslim Girls’ Academy, Karachi. She took keen interest in the Girls Guide Movement, and had done a lot to further the war activities in Sindh by her active co-operation

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