Bhai Tikamdas Pritamdas:

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Bhai Tikamdas Pritamdas:

From 1918 to 31st March 1943 he was the Managing Director of the Ganesh Khopra Mills of Karachi. With a capital of 20 thousands, when he took charge of the Company, he gave the Company when he retired a capital of 20 lakhs. Besides being a great businessman, he was a great social figure of Karachi. He was a member of Karachi Club. He was the President of Arva Samaj for five years. He was one of the Vice-Presidents of the Karachi S. P. C. A. He was a great believer in Hindu-Muslim Unity.He started his own business running in the name of his son Ghanshamdas Tikamdas Mehta doing Commission Agent and Karaina business near Khory Garden.

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