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He came to Karachi as assistant editor of the “Sind Observer”.Apart from the usual routine editing work, had contributed several features for the paper, under the pen name of “Koi Hai. He contributing special articles. Covered also the Quetta earth-quake, the Bombay Congress, the Joint Parliamentary Committee debate in the Central Assemby.Hailed from Malabar and was member of a family prominently associated with daily English journalism in several parts of India for many years. Started his journalistic innings at Lucknow as assistant editor of “Independence”, sponsored by Pandit Motilal Nehru and edited by Mr. C. S. Ranga Iyer, M.L.A. Subsequently migrated to his home province,functioning as sub-editor of the “Daily Express” and news editor of “Swarajya” two leading English dailies of Madras city. Had a short spell of work with Mr. Sadanand in the Free Press news agency at Bombay. His services were also requisitioned by Sachchidananda Sinha for the “Indian Nation”, Patna, where he acted as sub-editor.

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