Capt. Hoosainbhoy A. Bandukwalla:

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Capt. Hoosainbhoy A. Bandukwalla:

He was the proprietor of the ancient and most reputed firm of Messrs. Abdoolally Moosabhoy & Sons, dealing in Arms & Ammunition, Soda Water requisites Chemical Drugs, Perfumes, started in 1872 by his late revered father. This notable firm has been appointed as the Sporting Ammunition Suppliers to H. E. The Viceroy & Governor-General of India by appointment, having a Branch in Lahore styled and named as Messrs. Buksh Elahie & Co.He was a member of the Karachi Municipal Corporation where he served the City for over 25 years continuously. He was an important member of the Karachi District Local Board and Vice-Chairman of Tatta (Sindh) Electric Supply Company Ltd. He was a non-official visitor of the Karachi District Prison and a member of the Sindh Madressah Board. He was a Trustee of the Faiz Hussaini Trust of Karachi and Iraq and a member of the Haji Port Committee. He was a leading Landlord and Zamindar of Karachi.
Capt. Hoosainbhoy was the first Sindhi who built the famous Steamer S. S. `Hyderi’ along with late Seth Tayabali. He was an important Director of the Karachi Daily and Indus Printing Press Ltd. He was also a Director of Sindh National Bank Ltd., Karachi. (Source: ‘The Colourful Personalities of Sindh’, by M.U.Abbasi)

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