Diwan Kalumal Pahlumal:

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Diwan Kalumal Pahlumal:

He was born on 18th April 1877. After graduating in Arts and Law from the Bombay University, he started practice in 1904 and soon established reputation as a leading lawyer. He was a member, Karachi Municipality for about six years and Acting Principal Law College from its inception in Karachi till about the end of 1927. He was appointed Judge, Small Causes Court, Karachi. He was made Chief Judge under Karachi Small Causes Court. Soon after in 1929 he acted as A. J. C. for a few months in the then J.C.’s Court (new Chief Court).He retired in 1935 as Chief Judge of Small Causes Court, Karachi. In appreciation of his services on the Bench, he was given the distinction of Dewan Bahadur in June 1936. He was later on made Justice of Peace. He was connected with several charitable trusts and other educational institutions. He was the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Daily Paper “Sind Observer.”

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