Diwan Kauromal:

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Diwan Kauromal:

Diwan Kauromal Chandanmal was born on 5th October 1844 at Bhirya and breathed his last on 16th December 1916. He was an outstanding Educationist and Man of letters of early days of British Sindh. His valuable contribution provided foundation to our Modern Sindhi Literature. He wrote on Child Literature, on Women-folk problems and also translated Novels and Dramas. Some of his books are: ‘Pako Pah’ (1862), ‘Sindhi Gujhrtoon’ (1888), ‘Baranyoon Akhanyoon’ (1891), ‘Phool Malha’ (1902), ‘Ratnavali’ (1905) and ‘Sami Ja Salook’ (1907) etc.

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