Diwan Teckchand Udhodas R.B: 

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Diwan Teckchand Udhodas R.B:

Born at Hyderabad in 1853,educated upto Matriculation in Hyderabad,did graduation in 1875.Joined Education Department in 1876 as School Teacher,He was asked and appointed by government in 1877 to translate “Civil Procedure Code”.Worked as editor of “Sindh Sudhar” in the same year.He got himself transferred to Judical Department and after passing “local pleaders Examination”was appointed Sub-Judge in larkano and later on in Kotri.In 1885 joined Karachi Bar and remained associated for 10 years.In 1907 became P.P-first Sindhi on the post-and in 1910 retired from the post,breathed his last on 9.1.1920.He was an outstanding Social worker & political leader.After the death of Tahilram Khemchand,he became president of the “Sindh Hindu Sabha”,worked against “Deti leti”.At the time of the  constitution of the “Local Council”of the Governor of Mombai he was nominated to a seat.He remained Vice-chairman of the Committee of Management of Hyderabad.He worked as Vice president of the “Vidalaya Association” & presedent of the “Kundanmal Girl’s school for years.He was made :Rao Bahadur” during the time when he was a Public Prosecutor.

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