Fazal Ellahi Jawahardin:

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Fazal Ellahi Jawahardin:

He was Army and Royal Air Force Contractor and Karachi, and Land Lord of Karachi District., In the Quetta Earth-Quake in 1935 he rendered wonderful service to the refugees who had come to Karachi. He served as an Honorary Magistrate First Class from 1930 to 1937, Justice of Peace., and First Class Magistrate, Karachi District from 1939, Head Warden A. R. P. Road since 1940, Coronation Medal awarded (1937) for Loyal services rendered during Civil Disobedience Movement, helped the Government and Karachi Police in Riots in 1935. He was the Founder and President of Feroze Vernacular School[1927], was the founder of the grave yard of Anjumani-Mussalmanani-Punjals, Karachi, President Anjumani-Musalmanani-Punjab, Karachi. He was the President Muslim Jamait Jamia Masjid Kassaban and Idd Gah, Bunder Road,. President Muslim community, the Chairman Muslim Housing Co-operative Society, Karachi, Member of Port Haj Committee, Karachi, Life Member of Muslim Gymkhana, Karachi, Life Member of Young Men’s Muslim Association, Karachi, Member of Muhammadan Committee Sindh Madressah Tul Islam, Karachi from 1927 to 1941, Elected Member of Cantonment Board, Honorary Vice-Chairman of S.P.C.A. Karachi, Life Member of Anjamani-Taraqqi -Urdu, Karachi, Trustee of several mosques and Wakf properties in Karachi and Trustee of Karachi District, Wakf Properties. He earned title of Khan Bahadur from the Government . (Source: ‘The Colourful Personalities of Sindh’, by M.U.Abbasi).

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