Ghansham Jethanand Tahilramani:

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He was a student in D. J. Sind College from 1937 to 1939. In 1937 he joined Karachi Aero Club and got ‘A’ License in fling. In 1938 he took training in N. E. D. Engineering College in Wireless Telegraphy. In the same year he obtained Gold Medal. He was elected Gymkhana Secretary in 1939. He obtained 1st Prize in wrestling in 1939 and several prizes in other sports.He became Corporal in 1933 and Sergeant in 1939.In the same year he appeared before Public Service Commission at an entrance Ex. for Military Academy at Dheradun and obtained 370 marks out of 500 in Interview and Record. In March 1940 he was selected for training for King’s Commission in the Indian Air Force. In November 1941 he was gazetted as Pilot Officer in the Indian Air Force. In April 1943 he was promoted as Flying Officer

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