Ghanshyam Motiram Dudia -Alyas: Sagar:

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Born on 15th of December 1949 in Nasik (India), Education: Art-Masters (Fine-Art) Designation: Artist,Cartoonist,Writer,Poet. Kubemagar, AHMEDABAD.He has on credit 11 books based on poetry, drama, mini stories, satire etc. Awarded Cash Award by of Rs. 50,000/- by NCPSL for his book titled as “Faarvaan” (Humour&S tire) in 2012. IInd prize for Sindhi drama –Script ‘ Lottery’ – awarded by Rajshthan Sindhi Academy in the year 2004-05. Radio Play Titled ‘ Sookhrhi’ awarded by All India Radio in the year 2002. Various times Received Literary Awards from Sindhi Academy, Gujarat. 1st Prize National-award in sindhi awarded in poster design-competition on prohibition,tobacco etc held by Indian Council of Medical Research and All India Radio Date in the year 1977. He has written screen-play and dialogues for Sindhi cinema film of Udhani Production KARZ ‘ in . the year 2011.

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