Ghualm Ali Chagla:

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Born in 1871 in Karachi.Did matricin 1892 from Sindh Maderssah and got enrolled in D.J.Sindh College but left the college without continuing further education. He was outstanding Social worker ,Political worker & Freedom fighter and was closely associated with RaisG.M.Bhurgri and Seth Harchadrai.He remained Municipal Councilor and Presidentof the Karachi Municipal Corporation. Joined Congress in 1913 and participated in its Annual Sessions. Breathed his last on 26.06.1950.In D.J.Sindh College records his information is recorded that: Joined College in 1892- 1892. Landlord and Merchant. President of the Karachi Municipality 1921-1922. Keenly interested in Hindu Muslim unity, and social welfare (Source: D.G.Sindh College Miscellany,1935)

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