Ghulam Nabi Kazi,K.B:

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He passed his B.A. examination in the second class in 1906 and took to Zamindari and Horticultural work for which he had a passion. It was in 1913 that he was induced by the late Honourable K. B. Allandino Shah to be the Principal of Nosharo Feroze Madressah which was started for the Sons of Zamindars. He was appointed as a Deputy Educational Inspector in 1919 and became the Head Master of Nasharo Feroze Government Madressah and High School in 1926. He was appointed as the Administrative officer of Larkana District Local Board in 1927. He became the Personal Assistant to Educational Inspector in 1931.
He was made Khan Bahadur in 1934. In 1935 he became the Educational Inspector in Sindh. In April 1936 when Sindh was separated he became the first Director of Public Instructions of Sindh from which post he retired in 1939.

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