Gopal H. Lalwani:

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He was born on the 13th March 1907 and was from families of the Amils of Hyderabad. He was educated in the St. Patrick’s High School and the D. J. Sind College He was a great sportsman, excelling at Hockey and Tennis, and was the best doubles player of his time in the College. He was the youngest Chairman of the H. L. Chablani Panchayat Dispensary, a leading member of the Amil Panchayat & Female Education Society, ex-General. Secretary of Amil Institute, Jt. Secretary of the Sindh Collegiate Old Boys’ Association, a Director of the Hyderabadi Amil Co- operative Urban Bank, Ltd., Trustee of the Gur Mandar, and a member of innumerable other Institutions. He was a Share Broker, Insurance Agent and Hotel Proprietor. He was a Sufi by religion, being a disciple of the Jhok Dargah. He was an active Congress member also.

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