Gopalrao B. Bhonsle:

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He was a Land Lord and Contractor and First Class Honorary Magistrate, Karachi, belonged to the famous Bhonsle family who had come to settle in Sindh in 1843.He was educated in Karachi as a student.He was an important member of Maratha Community of Karachi and was the President of Maratha Union for a number of years. He was the President of the Madhoo Muccadum Smashan and the Shivajee Memorial Fund. He was the Honorary Secretary of various Maratha Associations and Societies such as Libraries, Temples, Gymkhana.
He, for his services to his community, was made a Justice of Peace and First Class Honorary Magistrate. He was the Managing Partner of the most famous firm of the Dock Engineering and Welding Works of Keamari. He was a Government and Naval Contractor.

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