Hassanali Effendi:

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He had a romantic career. He started his life as a Munshi on Rs.16/- only. He learnt English from a Christian Clerk and got a job at Kotri on Boat the Steamer. Here he perfected his knowledge of English because he came in contact with many English people. He wanted to practise as a Pleader and was preparing himself for Sind pleader’s examination when the ,Judicial Commissioner in Sind of the time allowed him to practise before he qualified for the Bar. He rose to be the Public Prosecutor of Sind and was offered the judgeship of Small Causes Court of Karachi, which offer he thankfully declined.
He was elected as a member of Bombay Legislative Council in 1891, as the representative of Sind Zamindars. Late Khan Bahadur Hassanali, seeing the poor condition of Muslims of Sind did not rest till he had founded for them a High School in Karachi. He went from place to place to collect funds for Sind Madressah Tul Islam and succeeded in establishing one of the best High schools for Muslims in Sind.
The late Khan Bahadur was the pioneer of Muslim education in Sind and did a lot to spread education among the Muslims of this Province. He started the Muslim Education Association in Sind which has been doing good work for the cause of education among the Muslims.
It was entirely due to the efforts of Khan Bahadur Hassanali that Sindhi Muslims were educated, who today are rubbing shoulders with the members of their sister Communities of Sind. He was one of the most colorful personalities of Sind.

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