Hassanand Radhakrishan Batheja:

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Born on 11th of July 1891 at Shikarpur. Educated at Shikarpur and Larkano High Schools, D.J.Sindh College; Bombay and Oxford Universities. He served as Professor of Economics [D.A.V.College, Lahore – 1916], Professor of History [M.A.O College, Aligarah – 1917]; Professor of Economics [Benares Hindu University – 1917]; Professor of Economics [Government College Patna and Cuttack Government College Bihar & Orissa – 1918-27]; deputed to Government of India as Member Secretary of the B. & O. Provincial Banking Enquiry Committee -1929 -30]; Member Sindh Conference [1932]; Commissioner, Patna Municipality [1924]; President, All Sindh Students Conference [1926]. He actively associated with the foundation of the Upper Sindh College. He was author of ‘Tricameral Legislatures in India’, ‘Development Finance in India’, ‘Financial Problems of Bihar and Orissa’ and ‘Constitutional Problems of India’, etc. (Source: ‘Who’s Who & Why’ -1932, Karachi).

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