Hatim A. Alavi:

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Born on 10th October 1898, he was educated at Sind Madressah Tul Islam. He joined the ancestral business in the famous firm of Vousufali Alibhoy Karimji and Co. He was the first Muslim Business who took part in Sindh Politics and was the Secretary of the Home Rule League of Dr. Annie Besant as far back as I917. He joined the Indian National Congress and was the Secretary of the Sindh Provincial Conference in 1918 and was the Secretary Sind Provincial Congress Committee in 1919.He was elected as a Municipal Councillor in 1927 and was the Vice-President of Karachi Municipality in 1931. He was the leader of Bolira Reformists Movement in India. He was the Mayor of Karachi Municipal Corporation in 1938-1939 during which period, among other activities; he organised the All India Industrial Exhibition which was a grand success. He was a Trustee of the Port of Karachi and has been its Vice-Chairman during 1939, 1941 and 1943. He was one of the founders of the Co-operative Movement in Sindh and Vice-Chairman of the Sindh Provincial Co-operative Bank. When the question of Sindh Separation was looming large on the political horizon, Mr. Hatim Alavi, more than any other single Sindhi Muslim, did put forward herculean labours to separate Sindh from the presidency. In collaboration with important Muslim and British friends, his advocacy for Sind Separation was unrivalled. Mr. Hatirn was also one of the founders of the Sea Scout Movement and was the President of Boys Scout Association of Karachi. He was a member on various Committees appointed by the Sindh Government such as the Price Control Committee, the Beggar Nuisance Committee, the Sindh University Committee, the Local Self Government Committee. He was a fine writer, author and speaker. He had written many works in Gujrati.(Source: ‘Colorful Personalities of Sindh’, by M.U.Abasi).

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