Hoosainbhoy Esmailjee Jamadar, K.S:, J.P., N.K.D.,

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He was a Land Lord and Zaminder, and one of the oldest Corporators of Karachi Municipal Corporation representing his Saddar Ward for years. as a Municipal Corporator. He was also Deputy Mayor of Karachi. He was the first class Honorary Magistrate for over 17 years. He was the Vice-President of Bohra Committee of Saddar and a member of Hussaini Company of Bohra Jamait,
And Honorary General Secretary, Madressah Husaniyah.Was a great Cricketer of Karachi. He was the Captain of Bohra Team for over 23 years and was one of the founders of Bohra Gymkhana of Karachi. He had taken many a time his team to Bombay and other places to play matches.K. S. Hoosainbhoy was an expert Finger Print in Karachi and has done a lot of useful work to assist and help poors who had come in the clutches of greedy Bania money.Source: ‘The Colorful Personalities of Sindh’, by M.U.Abbasi).

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