Lilaram Jhetmal Alimchandani:

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He was born in 1865. He joined D.J.Sindh College as the first batch of senior student. He did B. A in l890 and L.L.B in 1893.He practised Law for two years. He was taken up on the Provincial Civil Service (Judicial) in 1896 and appointed as Sub-ordinate (Second class) Judge in the second grade. In 1914 promoted to be Joint Judge and Sessions Judge.He was an outstanding Social Reformer interested in female education. He was President of Kundanmal Girls School Association. He took great pain in the foundation and establishment of the D.G. National College Hyderabad. He did noble work for the prevention of Cruelty to Animals. He was a sportsman and Physical Culturist. (Source: D.G.Sindh College Miscellany,1935).

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