Merwanji Edulji Kandawala:

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Born in Karachi on 13th August 1875, Landlord, Merchant, a shrewd businessman of long experience and Zamindar with extensive landed interest in Sindh and particularly in Karachi District and the founder of Kandawalla Company, a pioneer of Automobile business. He was a prominent Parsee personality of Karachi, owning extensive lands, buildings and Auto mobile business in Bombay, Karachi and Lahore.Merwanji Kandawalla was from an old Parsi family, having influential connections since the days of the East India Company. One Mr. Merwanji Kandawalla, then better known as Merwanji of Henshaw, accompanied Sir John Malcolm the then Governor of Bombay in 1737, on the British Commercial and diplomatic mission to Teheran. He was a Trustee of Karachi Parsi Anjuman Trust Funds and H. M. Khajurina Technical Trust Fund. He was Chairman, Karachi Parsi Anjuman Trust Funds Agriculture Scheme. He was on the Managing Committee of Bai Virbaiji Sopariwalla Parsi High School for ten years, where he donated a Library on 27th January 1918 in memory of his parents Bai Dhunbai and Edulji Bejonji Kandawalla Library. He was keenly interested in education and The Technical Bias Class of the School was also introduced by him. He was also lover of Physical Culture and Athletic Class and he along with late K. B. Nusserwanji R. Mehta started the Physical Culture Class in the school. He was Chairman, Richmond Crawford Veterinary Hospital Committee, Malir Dispensary Committee, Karachi Municipal Corporation Public Works Committee, Shewaram Dewanmal Ferry Committee. President, Sahitaya Cutchi Famine Relief Funds Committee, Karachi Taluka Zamindars Association. Vice-President, Land Owners’ Defence Association. Member, Karachi Municipal Corporation, Karachi Cantonment Board, Karachi District Local Board, Cantonment and its Building Committee, Karachi Municipal Corporation Health Committee, Muslim Grave Yards Committee, Excise Committee, Parsi Co-operative Housing Society, Hiranand Leper Asylum Committee, Parsi Poor Patients Relief Society, Lady Linlithgow Tuberculosis Fund Collection Committee, Maharaj Deepchand Ojha Tuberculosis Sanatorium Managing and Building Committee, here he donated a cottage in the memory of his parents Bai Dhunbai and Edulji Bejonji Kandawalla and one additional cottage in memory of his Mother-in-law Bai Manekbai and Father-in-law Seth Limji Nusserwanji. Member, Literacy Fund Collection Committee, Karachi District and Taluka Vigilence Committee, Karachi District Agriculture Committee, Karachi District Rural Uplift Committee, Member, Managing Committee Tatta Cosmopolitan Housing Society in Nichalabad, Tatta, Life Member and on Managing Committee of L. T. Hospital Maternity Home and Child Welfare, Tatta. He was the founder of the Kandawala Parsi Colony (comprising about 6o Acres for building) in Nichalabad, Tatta. Member and also Life Governor, Lady Dufferin Hospital, Karachi District and Taluka War Committee. Delegate, Parsi Matrimonial Court and Life Member, Indian Red Cross Society. Member, Entertainment Committee in connection with the Silver Jubilee Celebrations of Late King George the Fifth and building of Silver Jubilee Town. His services were appreciated by the Commissioner in Sindh and Chairman of the Executive Committee Mr. Collins and in appreciation of his successful services, he was presented with a Souvenir and Silver Jubilee Medal in May 1935. He was Managing Partner of Messrs. Pallonji Edulji & Co., well known firm of Sanitary Engineers and Contractors of Karachi and Bombay. One of the oldest Architect and Licensed Surveyors of Karachi Municipality. He was authority on lands and for his expert advice and wide experience he was appointed the only member on Committee of Fixation of Land Value and assessment of Karachi Municipality for Municipal and Government lands.He was Approved Government, Military, North Western Railway, Municipality and Port Trust Contractor, and the first Chairman and founder, Karachi Urban Co-operative Bank. He did a lot for Rural Reconstruction and improvement of Sindhi Breed of Cattles and Agricultculture. He was a Member of Durbari Levy of U. E. the Viceroy and Governor of Sindh.(Source: ‘The Colourful Personality of Sindh’, by M.U.Abbasi).

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