Mian G. K. Muhammd Shahban:

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Khan Bahadur Mian G.K.Muhammad Shahban was a Municipal Councilor of Shikarpur Municipality for a number of years and also a member of District Local Board, Sukkur, for a considerable period. He was an Hon. Magistrate at Shikarpur as well as at Karachi. He was returned unopposed to the Central Assembly from Jagirdars and Land Holders Constituency.
He was appointed a member of the Central Interview Board, to select Indian gentlemen for Emergency Commission in the Defiance Services of India.
He was Fellow of the Bombay University from Sindh since 1927, and a member of the Faculty of Arts and a member of the Board of Studies in Sindhi, was connected with the Delhi University too, as an elected member of the Court of Delhi University.
Mian Sahib was one of the Governor of I.M.M.T.S. “Duferin”, was an elected member of the Standing Finance Committee for Railways, and an selected member of the Central Civil Defiance Committee. He was one of the Directors of the Sindh Provincial Co-operative Bank, and a member of Civil Defiance Committee Sind.

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