Mirza Kalich Baig:

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Big name with fame in the History of Modern Sindhi literature. Earned title of ‘Shams-ul-Ulema’. Born in 1853 and breathed his last in 1929. Touched almost all the fields of literature in prose and poetry. Translated important Novels and Dramas from western literature and even introduced in writing-fields. He was all rounder and a man of letters of his own right. His name still stand second to none in Sindhi literature. Some of his books are: ‘Lila Majnoon’ (1880), ‘Dilpasand Qisa’ (1890), ‘Sindhi Zaban Ji Tarekh’ (1908), ‘Haji Baba Isfhani’ (1911) and ‘Jawani Jo Akseer’ (1915) etc.


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