Motandas T:

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He was born at Sukkur in 1893. He was a Zamindar, Lord and Business man, Proprietor, T. Motandas & Co., Karachi. Following his father’s grocery business at Sukkur at the age of 14 developed it into General Merchants and Agency of Messrs. Peck, Frean & Co., Ltd., London, in 1910. The post war period of 1918 brought an increase in business which necessitated the transfer of Motan’s Head Office to Karachi, and added Wine Department in 1940. He represented various Provisions and Wines Manufacturers through out the world and started a new Industry in Sindh–Manufacture of Indian Whisky, Brandy, Gin and Rum. The building of Motandas Market is there in Karachi to remind his name and fame.

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