M. P. Naraindas, R.B:

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He was a Justice of Peace, Proprietor of Messrs. Naraindas & Co., (Karachi, Lahore and Jullunder) entered business at an early age at Quetta. He was one of the leading Automobile dealers in India, controlling trade practically in the whole of North.He was a social worker, philanthrophist, devoted much of his time in uplift of his community and his charitable nature extends co-operation to all the needy institutions throughout India. He donated a magnificent sum of Rs. 2 Lacs for the construction of a Children Hospital in Lahore, and had sponsored a few medical relief centres for the poor in Karachi.He opened Vishindevi Kanya Vidyalava, Karachi..
He was President of the Karachi Club; President of the Shikarpuri Panchavat for many years; Member of the Cantonment Board, 1st Class Honorary Magistrate and President of Kanya Maha Vidyalaya; President, Hindu Bathing Ghats Association and many other institutions in Sindh and Punjab.

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