Moulvi Khair Muhammad Nizamani:

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He was son of Haji Muhammad Suleman and was born in 1908 at Nim Liyar. He got Religious education from Mazhar-ul-Ulum, Khado and Dar-ul-Irshad, Pir Jhando. He joined journalism and remained associated or editor of various papers and periodicals such as ‘Talib-ul-Ilm’ [Karachi], ‘Bedari’ [Karachi; ‘Khadim-ul-Islam’ [Hyderabad & Mirpurkhas]; ‘Bab-ul-Islam’ [Hyderabad] and ‘Qurbani’ [Karachi].He was writer and Freedom Fighter. During Khilafat Movement he was sentenced to imprisonment also.He took active and leading part in Khaksar Tahrik and also joined Muslim League . He was included as member of Majlis-i-Shora constituted in ZiaMartial Law regime.

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