Muhammad Ayub Khuhro, K.B:

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In 1923, he was elected as a member to the Bombay Legislative Council and continued to be a legislator without a break.He presented the case for separation of Sind from Bombay before the Statutory Royal Commission on Indian Reforms in 1929 and before Miles-Irving Committee in 1931 and served as a member of Bryne conference in 1932. He was the chosen representative of Muslims, to give evidence before the joint Parliamentary Committee which he did in 1933 in London. He played a vital role in the movement of separation of Sindh but, played more aggressive role in imposing One-Unit on Sindh in 1954 and helped others in capacity of the Chief Minister in snatching provincial status from Sindh.He became Minister of P. W. D. first in 1940 when Sind was separated. Again he became the Revenue Minister in 1942. In 1939 & 1941 he was the leader of opposition in Sindh Legislative Assembly. He had all along been a Muslim Leaguer and some time the President of Provincial Muslim League.

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