Shabana Almani

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Shabana Almani, the famous poet, was born on June 13th in the village of Allahdad Almani near Moro. She received her primary education in her village and later passed the Matriculation examination from Moro. Shabana Almani also holds a Master’s degree in Economics  from Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai University Khairpur  and a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) degree.

Shabana Almani began composing poetry at the young age of 12. She has published eight poetry collections, which include the following titles:

  1. “ڏک سک جا پاڇا” (Dukh Sukh Ja Pachha)
  2. “وفائون اڪيليون” (Wafaon Akelyon)
  3. “آڪاس آ اکين ۾” (Akaas Aa Akhin Mein)
  4. “گيت گونگا نہ ٿيا” (Geet Gongga Na Thiya)
  5. “منھنجو درد امام” (Munhjo Dard Imam)
  6. “ڌرتي ڌمال ۾ آ” (Dharti Dhamal Mein Aa)
  7. “روشني آھي حسين” (Roshni Ahi Hussain)
  8. “پنھنجا سڏ سويرا ٿيندا” (Panhja Sad Sawara Thinda)

Her poetry has been adapted into songs and sung by a number of  renowned singers from Sindh, as well as India. Shabana Almani’s contributions to the world of poetry have earned her a significant following and recognition in the literary circles

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