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It is Kavita Ramchandani’s Birthday. She was born on 8, July in Kolhapur, and raised in Mumbai , Maharastra, India. She migrated to Los Angeles, California, USA.

“A singer’s voice must have a soul which should reach out to the listener’s heart”. Kavita is a Performing and Recording Artist. Her Beautiful, Smooth, Clear Voice enables her to sing in all genres like Romantic Songs, and Classic Melodies Effortlessly. Her singing ranges from Lataji’s Classic-Melodies to Ashaji’s Playful songs. She also performs at Sindhi weddings and enthralls them all to the wonderful “Laadas” and beautiful “Fun Sindhi Songs”.

Her recordings have been played on the Bay Area Radio stations on numerous occasions. You can hear her songs on her Channel, “Kavitas Melodies” on Youtube and Sound cloud. She is a great animal lover and believes in protecting them.

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