Shri Vali Ram Vallabh Lohano

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Shri Vali Ram Vallabh Lohano was born on 18, August 1941 in Mithi, Sindh, Pakistan. His family stayed in Sindh after India’s Partition in 1947. He is great scholar, writer and poet. He is writer, researcher, got early education in Thar, Sindh then in Sachal College and Sindh University. He did his MAS in Urdu Literature, Sociology and secured first position in MA Mass Communication and LL.B degrees. Beside Sindhi and Urdu, he knows Sanskrit, Dhatki, Gujarati and Punjabi. He served as Publication Officer in the Institute of Sindhology and Deputy Director of Sindh Museum Hyderabad. He has written and translated dozens of books.

He is an extremely soft-spoken person with a pure mind and tender heart. He has translated numerous books of different languages in Sindhi.

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