Faquir Muhammad Lashari

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Today marks the birth anniversary of Faquir Muhammad Lashari, a renowned Journalist, Columnist, and Writer. He was born on 4th September 1951 in the village of Gaji Khuhawar, Qamber Shahdadkot district. He earned Master of Arts degrees in International Relations and Political Science from Karachi University.

His journalism career began as a sub-editor at the Daily Hilal-e-Pakistan in Karachi, where he also served as the in-charge of Hilal-e-Pakistan magazine. Subsequently, he worked as a regular columnist and editor for various daily newspapers, including daily Awami Awaz and daily Jago. His editorials and columns gained considerable popularity.

Aside from his journalistic pursuits, he authored several books, such as “Sindh Ja Soora Dhartia Jj Danhen (سنڌ جا سور ڌرتيءَ جي دانھن),” “Sagharo Himalaya Heena Maanhu(سگھارو ھماليہ ھيڻا ماڻھو),” “Chhapar Ja Sunhan(ڇپر جا سونھان) ,” “Rujan Jhehray Samaja Main Mora Ji Rud (رڃ جھڙي سماج ۾ مور جي رڙ),” and “Sindh Jam Sadiq Ali Kkan Peoples Party Tayn (سنڌ ڄام صادق عليءَ کان پيپلز پارٽيءَ تائين).”

He passed away in a road accident on 17th July 1993. In 1994. The Pakistani government posthumously honored Faquir Muhammad Lashari with the Sitara-e-Imtiaz award for his contributions to the field.

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