Kamla Keswani

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Today marks the date of birth of the well-known singer Kamla Keswani. She was born on August 27, 1934, in Karachi. Her parents hailed from Sukkur. She received her early education in Sukkur and subsequently relocated to Jodhpur and then Jaipur during the Partition of India.

Kamla Keswani had nurtured a passion for singing and music since her childhood. She earned recognition as an approved Kalakar of Radio and Television. Numerous cassettes featuring Kamla’s songs are available in the market, and the renowned His Master’s Voice Company also recorded her Sindhi and Rajasthani songs.

Kamla also lent her voice as a playback singer for several Sindhi language films, including “Ho Jamalo,” “Shala Dheear na Jaman,” and “Ladlee,” among others. Her unique singing style shone particularly when performing Sufi Kalam and Dohira.

Her musical journey took her to various cities across India, where she participated in numerous music programs, showcasing her talents to diverse audiences. She passed away on May 9, 2009, in

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