Ali Gul Sangi

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Today is the birthdate of the famous poet Ali Gul Sangi. He was born on 14th September 1952 in the village of Dodai, District Larkana. He was a landlord and served as the Chairman of Union Council Dodai, Nazim of Union Council Fateh Pur, and Chairman of Taluka Council Larkano. He was also a journalist.

He was a popular awami poet, and his poetry has been sung by many famous singers, including Manzoor Sakhirani, Sarmad Sindhi, Ustad Muhammad Yousuf, Ustad Manzoor Ali Khan, and others. His published poetry collections include:

  1. گجر ۾ گج
  2. پپر ۾ پينگه
  3. ڪنڌيءَ نسريا ڪانه
  4. پيرن پنڌ ڪندياس
  5. نيڻ ڳالهائن ٿا

He passed away on 29th April 2013.


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