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It is Kazi Abdul Jaleel, popularly known as Amar Jaleel’s birthday. He was born on 8, November 1936 in Rohri, Sindh, Pakistan. He is a Sindhi fiction writer and a columnist whose columns appear in various Sindhi, Urdu and English-language dailies of Pakistan. He has authored 20 books, and received awards including Pride of Performance (Pakistan), and Akhal Bharat Sindhi Sahat Sabha National Award (India). Amar Jaleel started writing stories when he was 10 years old. He played for his NJV School and also featured briefly in first class cricket as wicketkeeper-batsman.

Amar Jaleel started his career at Radio Pakistan, Karachi before being transferred to Islamabad, where he worked in different positions at radio and educational institutions. Now retired, Jaleel currently resides in Karachi, Sindh, where he spends his leisure time writing articles for various Pakistan newspapers, and is known as a popular columnist for Dawn and The Nation currently working with a private regional Sindhi TV channel as an anchor program class room.

As a political analyst he has repeatedly returned to one theme: why partition was wrong. Amar Jaleel is a prominent polemicist against the All-India Muslim League. In 2017, during Sindh Literature Festival, Jaleel read a story (Khuda gum thee wayo, The God disappeared). Video of the session went viral on social media in March 2021. The video irked religious fundamentalists and they took his views as blasphemy of God. Jaleel was threatened to death by religious extremists. His opponents used Twitter and other social media networks to get him arrested and hanged publicly. While his supporters showed solidarity with him.

He has written hundreds of short stories in Sindhi; he has also written one novel in Sindhi titled Naith Gongey Ghalahyo (“Thus Dumb Spoke”). Some of Amar Jaleel’s best known books are:

Sindhu Muhinje Saah Mein سنڌو منهنجي ساھ ۾

Dil Jee Duniya دل جي دنيا

Jadanh Maa’n Na Hoondus جڏهن مان نه هوندس

Tareekh Jo Kafan تاريخ جو ڪفن

Munhinjo Dus Aasman Khan Puchho منهنجو ڏس آسمان کان پڇو

Tiyoon Wujood ٽيون وجود

Raani Kot jo Khazano رڻي ڪوٽ جو خزانو

Jeejal Mohanje Mao جيجل منهنجي ماءُ

Chandd Wisaami Wayo. چنڊ وسامي ويو

Adab Aen Siyasat ادب ۽ سياست

Sarad Laash Jo Safar سرد لاش جو سفر

Lahndar Sijj Je Laaam لهندڙ سج جي لام

Sindh Naamo سنڌ نامو

Sindhu Baqa Ain Maan Fana Ahyan سندو بقا ۽ مان فنا آهيان.

Aatam katha, He Sindh muhnji ta naahy

Fida Hussain Phdine, Dhani Bakhash Dhane Aen Phndan Ja Kaalum. فدا حسين ڦودني، ڌڻي بخش ڌني ۽ ڦندڻ جا ڪالم


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